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FAQ Page

SHOULD I get an electronic or acoustic score for my game?

That totally depends on what kind of vibe you want in the music for your game.

Real musicians recorded at a real studio provides a level of emotional expression which is still impossible with samples... but if you want an electronic, futuristic score then you can go all-electronic!

I favour composing with electronic sounds OR writing music for real instruments, over composing electronically for sample-based instruments (which are basically "fake" real instruments).

However, budget constraints don't always allow for hiring real musicians and studio time.

whats the difference between live acoustic and sample-based acoustic?

As mentioned in the last point, sample-based instruments are recreations of real instruments that you can compose with on your computer.

They are getting better and more realistic over the years, but they still can't beat real musicians playing. That's what every great film and game score still use when the budget is not an issue.

What kind of budget do i need?

Time, amount of music and whether it's electronic-only, real instruments, or a mixture between the two, are all factors in the cost of the music production.

Get in touch with the contact form below - I will be able to provide more detail and will most likely be able to work within whatever budget you have.

What are turnaround times like?

For composing music for live instruments to play and record, more time is needed, probably 4-8 weeks.


For an electronic-only score, theme or individual parts, l can work fast and you can receive the first draft ideas within days.