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Portfolio of Demo Videos

Cyberpunk / futurefunk

Edgy electronic music over Cyberpunk2077

Futuristic, nighttime electronic music over Cyberpunk2077 with dialogue.

Fight scene with fast fight music over Cyberpunk2077

Electronic driving music over Cyberpunk2077

Live harp / guitar / strings

A Live harp playing a magical sounding melody over video from the Unravel game

Scary sounding electronic music over video from the Unravel game

Live guitar and harp playing a sweet melody over the Unravel game

Live harp playing a mischevous melody over the game Stray.

Eerie / scary / ambient / hip hop

Real strings playing a melancholy melody, recorded at Arad Studio, over video from the Samorast game

Eerie electronic ambient music over video of the Samorast 3 game

Instrumental hip hop over Samorast 3.

Funky electronic music over video taken from the Mirrors Edge game