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“What Was The Question” by me and Suzanne Savage

Today the last single from “Internal Space Element” is out on all the streaming services before the whole album comes out on 31st March.

It features the INCREDIBLE voice and lyrics/melody writing talents of Suzanne Savage. No musician I know has a more appropriate last name!!

This track “What Was The Question” is one that makes me laugh when I listen to it, cause it’s so GREAT haha. Probably not supposed to say that about music that I helped to make but there you go.  The string parts were stolen directly from Bartok String Quartet Number 1, https://youtu.be/xaQvPhVvQaY  check it out and see if you can spot the chords! (you can’t copywrite chords be warned Bartok’s lawyers 🥸)

A little aside, I was introduced to Bartok’s String Quartets around the year 1999, when me and Sean MacErlaine had this gig covering for the usual musicians on the Rosslare-Cherbourg-Rosslare ferry crossing (18 hours each way I think) – after playing a bunch of jazz-standards sets in random locations on the ferry, the String Quartets helped me get through a vicious overnight storm, the ferry was HEAVING up and down on the waves, I was in rapt attention to the quartets all night through my ipod earbuds… pretty sure it was Sean who put me on to them. Along with lots of other great music like Penderecki and Shostakovich.

Anyways me and Suzanne go way back, after I got back to Ireland from travelling in South East Asia/Australasia in 2010 I started a jazz club called Zinc in the basement of Pacinos on Suffolk Street, and played jazz standards with different vocalists each week. Suzanne can’t remember the gig 🙈but she definitely played at Zinc, with me and probably my brother Matthew on drums, probably Cormac or Dave Redmond on double bass. I remember doing Night and Day and Solitude. That’s how I first met Suzanne… when I called her to see if she’d be up for doing a collab for the ZONGS album (2022) we chatted for ages and we’ve worked on 4 pieces of music together since then, and I LOVE them all! She’s a legend and should be waaaaaay more famous.

The track also features the unbelievable-and-I’m-not-biased-at-all-i-swear-and-very-good-and-great drumming of my brother Matthew Jacobson, except he didn’t know it at the time he recorded the beats as it was in a drum-loop recording session at Arad Studio with the best-recording-engineer-in-the-world Les Keye. I zoidified the beats somewhat, bit of speeding up, slowing down, choppy choppy clippy clippy. That’s better now! (I do like the normal drumming too, me and Matthew have a piece we co-wrote called Fit In Tree coming on my next album that features his unedited drumwork, actually I lie there’s a section I speeded up the drums 200%).

I think I’ve about written enough for today. Buy the blah blah bandcamp blah spotlify blab la la la la zoishop: www.zoid.ie/shop order the CD there like it’s 1995 and your in Golden Discs (there’s only 18 cds left as of right now)!