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A multifaceted artist whose output reflects his innate desire to experiment with a variety of sounds and genres, ZOiD (AKA Daniel Jacobson) is driven by decades of experience and an unwavering mission to continue expressing himself freely. Overflowing with ideas, always inspired by the media he consumes and full of passion for music in its many forms, ZOiD prides himself on being unpredictable. From his jazz roots to full-on techno, his desire to embody the diversity of the artists who inspire him is the catalyst behind a sprawling discography. Currently in a phase of elevating his production skills, while planning a change of location from his native Ireland to the UK, ZOiD is readying himself for the next stage of his wonderfully vibrant and varied music career…


A self-professed outsider from the age of 7, ZOiD’s entry point to music was the guitar. Inspired to learn an instrument after becoming obsessed with Michael Jackson’s Bad album, he initially wanted to play the drums, but his parents (perhaps wisely) suggested the guitar. He borrowed a friend’s acoustic guitar and practised so fervently for six months, his parents bought him his own one. Initially idolising Jimi Hendrix, it was only a matter of time before he delved deeper into one of the great guitarists in history, Django Reinhardt, through to the jazz legend Charlie Parker. Jazz provided ZOiD with his early grounding in rhythm, harmony and a liberal approach to musical expression. His connection to electronic music came through a school friend. The friend’s proclivity for electronic music – Aphex Twin, The Orb, Surgeon, Jeff Mills et al – introduced ZOiD to a whole new world of sophisticated and mindblowing sounds and textures. This formative period informs his work all the way up until today; a marriage of the esoteric nature of jazz and the in-your-face power of techno.


Since beginning his lifelong love affair with jazz and electronic music, ZOiD’s path has taken him from playing his first ever live show at the age of 17, for Dublin icons D1, to studying at jazz school, integrating Vipassana meditation into his life, meeting his wife through the practice, travelling the world for almost three years and setting up his own music school. He completed a Masters In Music and Media Technologies, spent time living in New Zealand and took part in the 2006 Red Bull Music Academy along with then-up-and-coming artists like Andreya Triana, Oddisee, Flying Lotus and Nina Kravitz. ZOiD also runs his own label, Zoitrax.


Along the way, of course, there have been plenty of music releases, too, along with live performances. In 2007 he released his debut album ZOiD Versus The Jazz Musicians of Ireland Vol 1 a joint release on his own label, Diatribe, and D1 Recordings. The LP revolves around collaborations with senior Irish jazz figures, including Tommy Halferty, Mike Nielsen, Michael Buckley and Greg Felton. ZOiD using his computer and mixing desk to manipulate the jazz composers’ work in his typically playful and engaging manner.


ZOiD’s most recent music projects range from “dirty techno” to guitar covers of Aphex Twin tracks. He’s worked with string quartets, composing music and performing alongside the group, produced acid-tinged solo EPs, and two recent albums (ZONGS in 2022 and Internal Space Element, with the string quartet, in 2023). Consistency of output is one of his core values, driving his will to keep creating and exploring the infinite possibilities in music composition. Along with this as a motivational factor, his relationship with media (films and music) also informs his unerring fascination with making music, getting inspired to create his own alternatives based on the ideas he encounters. These alternate versions give birth to original ideas and so the process is ongoing, neverending, driving him forward in a constant blur of creativity. 


With his formal training, along with the more chaotic side of his musical persona, ZOiD has a depth of experience only made possible by a life lived in full devotion to music. At this stage in his life, the science of production and honing his technique have become paramount, as he works towards cultivating a deeper understanding of sound and vibration. This will inform his future work, doubling down on the power of frequency and how that impacts the listener – DJs in particular, whose ears are more attuned to subtleties of production. Of course, the dance floor faithful are also pertinent to this voyage of discovery, how they interact with ZOiD’s music will also be impacted as he delves deeper into the blueprint of dance rhythms.


Prolific and brimming with ideas, ZOiD is bursting with creativity and an air of wonder that keeps his relationship with music fresh and inspiring. His creative process never stays the same, constantly switching and changing, learning new techniques or introducing new equipment into the mix. This process of renewal injects a freshness into his production process, complementing his constant flow of ideas perfectly. ZOiD never stays still, avoiding the stagnation that can occur with musicians who get trapped by their commitment to one particular style. Dedicated, passionate and an all-round positive person, ZOiD is a unique artist whose talent shines through in everything he does…


Selection of releases:
Zoid Versus Jazz Musicians of Ireland (album)(2007) Diatribe/D1
Lyphyz Drumdrops EP (2013) Boy Scout Audio
Troonax EP (2013) Alkalinear Recordings
Nebulous Concrete (album)(2018) Zoitrax
ZONGS (album)2022 Zoitrax
Vera EP 2022 Frontend Synthetics

Dexaphonic EP (2022) 12” Vinyl Metamorphic Records

The Pin Row Acid, Winthorpe Electronics, 12” Vinyl 2023

Internal Space Element, Voices, String Quartet and Electronics, 2023 Zoitrax


ZOiD Vs Musicians Vol 2 2024 Zoitrax


Press Quotes:

“a free-spirited, jazz-tinged electronic wizard” Philip Neeson, Hypnagogue

“either the future of jazz or the end of jazz as we know it” Cormac Larkin, Sunday Tribune

“wonderful future-bop realms” Jim Carroll, Irish Times

“a masterful balance of electronics with musicians” Electronica Musica Blog

“an exception to the norm… he produces beautiful tracks” James Hendicott

Dexaphonic EP Reviews:

“From the outset this promised to be something special and unsurprisingly it does not disappoint at all. If you like your electronic music full of soul, warmth, and depth with a truly forward feel then this is for you.” Neil Martin, Timeline Music

“ZOiD has carved a slice of Irish dance music history for himself as joins Metamorphic Recordings, his record lies aside dance music royalty” Max Heyraud, Four Four Magazine

Bandcamp Best Electronic of June (Joe Muggs)

“Detroit-style techno has always fused easily with jazz, but it’s been a little while since it did so as joyously as these tracks from Dubliner ZOID”

Cacophonous Bling:

“Metamorphic releases have always been a byword for deep, emotive house/techno and this latest release from Dublin’s Zoid feeds into the pervasive narrative with two tunes that operate on a level previously only known to those with  a predilection for the finer things in life; such as fine wines, Belgian chocolates and chicken in a basket.”