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The "4 Aphex Guitar Covers by ZOiD" EP Bundle

bundle of boxes

Includes: MP3s Downloads + Ticket to Live Online Event + FREE Bonuses [€70.91 Value]

Created to help you enjoy the wonderful music of Aphex Twin in the format of lush guitar-only versions

Q: Oh no! This is one of these marketing page thingies with all the free bonuses that aren’t real! This is a scam right?! It’s gonna be a rip-off, I can tell.

A: Nope, this is 100% genuinely me trying to earn a living from music by putting together a lot of different products into a bundle to make something with INSANE value that you will definitely want to buy!

What’s in the Bundle?

  •  4 Aphex Guitar Covers by ZOiD MP3 Digital Download [€9.99 Value]
featuring 4 classic Aphex Tracks:
Avril 14th
Acrid Avid Jam Shred
Alberto Balsalm
  •  Ticket to Aphex Lecture  Series #1 (from Analogue  Bubblebath to SAW 85-92), a live, one hour online lecture on Aphex’s early music, on Friday 3rd May 8pm GMT – or get access to the playback if you miss it [€14.99 Value]


FREE Bonuses You Will Get Today!

  •  free bonus 1: Tab and sheet music of all the 4 songs so you can play them yourself [€19.96 Value]
  •  free bonus 2: Separate audio files so you can try playing the melody part along with the bass parts [€9.99 Value]
  •  free bonus 3: a FREE download of ZOiD’s 2022 album “Internal Space Element” [€9.99 Value]
  •  free bonus 4: a FREE download of ZOiD’s 2018 EP “B-Synthreed” [€5.99 Value]




You pay: only €29.99! (save €40.95, a 58% discount)



Q: I use bandcamp! How do I listen in the bandcamp app?

A: No problem! I will send you Bandcamp Codes for each release and you can add the release to your bandcamp to listen in the app

Q: I listen to music on Apple/Spotify/other streaming service. Can I listen on those platforms?

A: Of course! The music is available on all services (except for B-Synthreed which is unavailable anywhere except as mp3 downloads). You can listen wherever you like, knowing fully well that unlike most people, you actually do OWN the music as well, instead of renting it for a ridiculously cheap price. And if those platforms ever go down, you’ll still have access to your mp3 files (as long as you download them and keep them safe).

Q: I don’t know if I’ll like the music… can I hear it?

A: Of course! Scroll down to hear samples at the bottom of this page.

Q: I prefer to listen to the original Aphex Twin pieces. Can you send me those too?

A: No. You’ll have to buy them from Richard himself. Try his website or bleep.

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Audio Samples