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ZOiD is a small purple robot who lives in Dublin, Ireland. By joining the Zoidlist you will receive a series of emails explaining how to get the exclusive content outlined above. You will also get 2 emails a month with info about live events and upcoming releases

ZOiD is on a quest to take on the machine overlords of music and battle to attain his rightful place on the Mount Vesuvius of Electronic Jazz Music. POW!

purple robot

ZOiD is me, an Irish music producer and songwriter.

I’ve been making music since the 90s, developing a studio and collaborating with many musicians and vocalists from different musical worlds.

Join this list to come with me on a journey through time and space. Yes, like the Mighty Boosh. One of my favourite shows!

There will be much fun along the way.

Looking forward to interacting with you on the journey.

All The Best For Now,

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