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Dear Person,
Today is the day our new EP ZoiD Vs Dorota Konchevska is out!

We’ve had some great support for this release, including airplay and blog coverage from:

and an Igloomag review from Andy Danso: “Konchevska… has a heavenly quality to her voice and a multi-layered sound that fits amazingly well with ZoiD’s electronics”
Here are the clickable weblink interface yokes:

Spotify link
Bandcamp link
PS Please read the following 139 words:
I have a new Spotify policy for myself personally which is: if I listen to something even ONE TIME and like it, I will buy it from bandcamp if it’s available. Because otherwise only $0.006 per track will go to the artist which is a stupidly small amount and unsustainable. I used to think that I would only buy something if I listened to it many times, but I listen to most music only one time nowadays – only rarely do I find something that I go back to listen to again and again – but whether or not you are the same as me in this regard, I urge you to support the music you like by buying it on Bandcamp – EVEN if you then listen to it on Spotify (which I have to say is a useful interface for listening) or not at all ever again 🙂