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This is not a drill.

Really, it’s not.

I swear.


And you, oh loyal ZoiDlist Member, independent music supporter, electronic-music-listening-human, get to hear the Nebulous Concrete Album Teaser before anyone else.

It’s on a private Soundcloud link.

Here it is.

but first…

These tracks were made between September 2017 and January 2018. I estimate around 100 hours of work went into these 8 tracks. That doesn’t include the hours done by the contributors, Sean MacErlaine (who recorded the clarinets on “Hyperion Drive”) and Tenali Hrenak (who recorded the field recording used on Iapetus Grove).

They are, I think, the best musics I have made so far, since the first track I made in 1996. That is because I know what music I want to make much more clearly now, and that is:

If that sounds like your cup of tea then check out the album teaser: https://soundcloud.com/z_o_i_d/nebulous-concrete-album-teaser/s-Lt8Aw

If you have a soundcloud account drop a comment on it! Give it a like! I’ll be making it public on January 23rd, after that you can share it with your email and twitter buddies. Till then it’s only for you!

Till then, keep well, drop me a line to say hi 🙂

ZoiD out.

PS There is a super exciting format for this album which features awesomeness designed by Robin Fuller. Will tell more in next email.

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