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Hello this is the news from planet zoid i hope you are not a grommet Radio:Dublin Digital Radio, This Sunday 2pmI’m doing a show (Agency Eire with ZoiD) to promote upcoming Neil Landstrumm gig (see below). Will play unreleased tracks from myself and The Person, recent and older releases from Neil Landstrumm and Jimmy Penguin, […]

ZOiD Vs Dorota Konchevska

Dear Person,Today is the day our new EP ZoiD Vs Dorota Konchevska is out! We’ve had some great support for this release, including airplay and blog coverage from: An Taobh Tuathail (RTERnaG) (an amazing electronic music show that’s been around for 20 years – check it out) Teishi-1 (DublinDigiRadio) Peter Curtin’s Groover’s Corner (RTEXFM) Mookid […]

Zoidnews: D1 25th Anniversary Compilation and Party

Hello.Newstime! When I started listening to techno and buying records in the mid ’90s, me and my friends were mostly checking out great techno from London, Glasgow, Berlin, Detroit, New York, Tokyo and such major cities. Every now and then we’d come across records released by a homegrown Dublin techno label called D1. Listening to […]

Nebulous Concrete Release

Nebulous Concrete “A jazzy Braindance odyssey” couldn’t have said it better myself! shares/tweets/cakes/tricks/riffs/elderflower cordials MUCH appreciated

EMERGENCY ALERT! ZoiD album #3 inbound

This is not a drill. Really, it’s not. I swear. THIS IS HAPPENING! And you, oh loyal ZoiDlist Member, independent music supporter, electronic-music-listening-human, get to hear the Nebulous Concrete Album Teaser before anyone else. It’s on a private Soundcloud link. Here it is. but first… These tracks were made between September 2017 and January 2018. […]